Internet/APN Settings for Android Phones

So… You’ve bought yourself an Android phone. You’ve spent at least ten grand on a little piece of technology and you can’t wait to start using it. You put your Sim card in, charge her up and decide to check your mail. But for some very annoying reason, your very expensive phone just won’t connect to the Internet. Do you read on and learn how to solve this little issue? Or do you now own a very expensive paperweight?? Decisions decisions…..

The reason your phone doesn’t automatically connect to the Internet, is very simple. It doesn’t know how. Phone’s need something known as an “APN” (Access Point Name), to be able to connect to the Internet. Think of it like how you need to know a person’s phone number, in order to call them and yell at them. (Did i say yell? I meant talk nicely….)

Sometimes, service providers are sweet and kind, and automatically send the APN to your phone upon inserting the Sim card. Other times, they behave like little brats and you have to enter the APN yourself. Fortunately it isn’t that hard….

Step 1 :-

Unlock your shiny new droid and click on “Settings.”

ICS Settings Image

Your screen should look something like this. Make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are switched OFF as shown.

Step 2 :-

Tap “More…”

Your screen should look like this.

ICS Wirelss & Networks Image

Step 3 :-

Tap “Mobile Networks”.

Your screen should look like this.

Android ICS Mobile Network Settings

Step 4 :-

Tap “Access Point Names”

Your screen should look like this.

Android ICS APN's Image

Step 5 :-

Press the physical “Options” key on your device. From the pop-up menu select “New APN

Android ICS APN's Image

Step 6 :-

Your screen should now look like this.

Android ICS Edit Access Point

Tap “Name” and enter any name you would like to use for your APN. For simplicity just enter the name of your service provider. I use “Tata Docomo” as you can see below.

Android ICS Edit Access Point Name

Step 7 :-

Now tap “APN”. This is where the magic happens. Depending on your service provider, you have to enter a different APN. Here’s a list of some of the common service providers and their APNs.

Service Provider APN
BSNL bsnlnet
MTNL Prepaid pps3g
MTNL Postpaid mtnl3g
IDEA internet
Aircel aircelgprs
Vodafone www

Depending on your own service provider, enter the appropriate APN. I use Tata Docomo.

Android ICS Edit Access Point APN

Step 8 :-

That’s it! We’re done. You will notice several other fields under the APN field. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THOSE FIELDS. They’re meant to be blank and some will automatically update themselves soon.

Exit “Settings” and make sure “Mobile Data” is set to “ON”.

Restart your phone and you should see a little “E” or “H” above your signal strength indicator. Go ahead and try using your internet now. It should work fine.

As always, feel free to comment in case you have any difficulties and queries. Cheers!


10 thoughts on “Internet/APN Settings for Android Phones

  1. you are simply the best.After buying my HTC spent more than 3 months from 1 person to another and no body could do it.But by the time i saw this all was solved.Thanks alot and THUMBS UP. BUT IF U COULD DO THESAME FOR IPHONES, I WILL BE GRATEFUL.

  2. Hey…

    Thanks for your info and I have done exactly whatbu have mentioned but 3g sapped not increased … do u have any idea how to get speed on Aircel 3g

  3. Hello! I’m using a Chinese phone (swees 5.0) and I’m currently trying to connect to o2 GPRS. No luck D: do you have any ideas please?

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