Temple Run 2 Review

Aah.. Temple Run… The game that always wins… It’s like taxes, or your wife… You try running from them ever so much, but in the end they always catch up with you. And yet the little masochist in you keeps coming back for more.

temple run header

Last year, the original Temple Run did amazingly well on the market. Numerous other games copied the “auto-running” template and there were many similar games launched. None however, could match up to the simplicity and sheer fun of Temple Run. Now we have Temple Run 2. Have they managed to better an already great game, or is the whole run-till-you-die deal getting old?

The first thing you’ll notice about Temple Run 2 is its graphical overhaul. The game looks a lot better better than the original Temple Run, which is a great thing considering the original was really boring to look at. However the added graphical detail means that if you’re trying to play this game on an older device you might experience some lags and low performance.

temple run 2 picture

The new game follows the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” adage. Anyone who’s played the first Temple Run should feel right at home with this one. There are several minor fixes and improvements that make the overall game more fun to play. One of the most obvious changes is that your seemingly endless path isn’t all straight as was in the previous game. Paths are now curved. At this point you’re thinking, “Ooh curved paths!! That’s groundbreaking!!” It might not sound like much of big deal but in the actual game play experience, it is. The curved paths add to the illusion of increased speed. Coupled with the better graphics, it makes the game look a lot better.

The color scheme has also been changed. No longer will you have to stare at bleak, brown, grubby little scenery. The old game made you wonder about the aesthetic sense of the dudes that built the temple in the first place. I mean brown? The only color those old temple builders could find, was BROWN?
Fortunately the new game has a beautiful wash of gold and orange skies. The scenery actually does look quite pretty and the character models have been sharpened as well. The coins look more enticing and the flames more menacing. If only they could add some cute temple dancers…. Ah well.. Maybe in the next update…

temple run 3

The game-play remains largely the same. You, as sneaky-thieving-temple desecrator-guy have to run, jump, duck, swerve and dodge for your life. Along the way you collect coins and gems, both of which are used as currency for in-game purchases. Coins are used to make certain power-ups better and gems can be used to bring you back to life in case you do run into an obstacle. There are also other character skins that can be unlocked via coins, such as the sexy “Scarlett Fox” avatar. (There’s also a really muscular black dude avatar available. Guess which one i unlocked…).
If you have really bad finger-eye coordination and totally suck at the game, you can use real life money to purchase coins and gems from the in-app store. That enables you to unlock the power-ups which make the game a lot easier. Then you can get a really high score and brag to your friends about it. Oh wait…. Friends? What was i thinking?

If you get bored of the bright shiny outdoor running, Temple Run 2 also has a neat tunnel mine cart segment. It serves as a pleasant change from the regular scenery but it isn’t anything groundbreaking. The mechanics remain largely the same.

temple run 2 mine

Overall Temple Run 2 is a pretty solid game. It’s fun, addictive, easy to pickup and totally free. Unlike some other free-to-play games that get impossibly hard after a point, making it painfully clear that purchases must be made, Temple Run 2 can be enjoyed and unlocked without making a single purchase. And the verdict is…



  • Totally Free
  • Repetitive game play
  • Best Auto-Runner out there
  • Annoying Soundtrack
  • Highly Addictive
  • Very similar to original game
  • Impressive Visuals

Temple Run 2 :- 8/10

You can download Temple Run 2 for Android from this link. Download Temple Run 2 for Android.

You can download Temple Run 2 for iOS from this link. Download Temple Run 2 for iOS

As always feel free to leave your comments below. Cheers and happy running!


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