Free Windows Software You HAVE to Download

Windows is the ubiquitous operating system that almost all of us use on a daily basis regardless of whether we buy it genuine or not (looking sternly at you software pirates out there!).
Everyone’s aware of popular software like Microsoft Office or Nero and iTunes. But there are hundreds of little tiny programs that make using Windows so much easier. Here we have 5 of the best Windows software, that i personally can’t live without.

1. TeraCopy :-


If you take away just one thing from this article, let it be this…. “TERACOPY IS FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!”
The default Windows file transfer software is horrendously slow, especially for large file transfers. If you have a large music collection and like making periodic backups or you’re a movie buff and keep a copy of your favorite movies on an external hard-disk; transferring data back and forth can be a nightmare with the Windows default software. I experienced file drops, data corruption, abnormally low transfer speeds and general absolute boredom while using the Windows copier.

TeraCopy solves all that. After installing it, it automatically replaces the Windows file transfer software and all you have to do is copy files the way you would normally. This is great for novice users who don’t really want to tinker about with new software and just want something fast and effective. For the OCD geeks there, TeraCopy can be set to activate manually but there really isn’t any point unless you’re running your Windows like a despotic Tsar.

TeraCopy is also really useful for those of you that have USB 3.0 slots. The Windows default copier doesn’t really make very good use use of the speed capabilities of USB 3.0. Use TeraCopy with a USB 3.0 drive and you’ll see what I’m talking about. TeraCopy has a free and a paid version but most of you should and will opt for the free version. There’s just a few extra bells and whistles in the Pro version that most of us will never need. You can download TeraCopy from this link. Download TeraCopy.

2. Duplicate Cleaner :-

duplicate cleaner

At one point of time i had 18 entries for Comfortably Numb in my music collection. Now, I love the song, but 18 is pushing it. I knew that i had just 3 different versions of the song, all performed by Pink Floyd but somehow 3 files had multiplied into 18. Similarly, there were about 8 different “Hotel California” files, about 12 “Stairway To Heaven” files and so on. Listening to each of these files individually would have made me hate every epic song on the planet and turn into a Justin Beiber fan. Thank the stars for Duplicate Cleaner.

Duplicate Cleaner is simple, fast and effective. It allows you to specify any number of folders with unlimited nesting to be scanned for duplicates. The user has complete control over the parameters of the scan. A file may be be duplicate of another if

  • It has the same name
  • It has the same size
  • It was created on the same date
  • it has the same content

The user can select any of the above options and then choose what content-comparison algorithm he wants to use. More information about the various algorithms available (for you Geeks) is present in the “Help” file.

Duplicate Cleaner has a paid and free version. There is hardly any difference and i would suggest opting for the free version. You can download Duplicate Cleaner from this link. Download Duplicate Cleaner.

3. Everything :-


So i ask people, “Have you ever wanted to open a particular file on your computer, but you can’t remember where you’ve saved it? Do you search through all your folders and sub-folders until you finally find it?”
Usually at this point some smart-ass will jump up and say, “Dude… That’s like so lame.. Just use the Search Function Windows has… “
And he’d be right…. Except for the tiny insignificant small little fact that Windows Search Function SUCKS!!

So we listen to my advice and we install Everything. The software upon installation builds an index library of all the files present on your computer. In simple terms, that means that when you open Everything and type the name of a file, it gives you the file’s exact location instantly.It’s so quick, that it actually narrows down the possible files as you’re typing the file name.

After installation, Everything is minimized to the taskbar (which is the cute little arrow sign near your clock at the bottom right of the screen). It can be accessed by clicking on it and you can begin searching for files. Everything also works with external hard-disks and pen drives making it a breeze to find that particular movie on your mate’s hard-disk. Everything is free software and can be downloaded from this link. Download Everything.

4. Ccleaner :-


Ccleaner is like the Godfather. It cleans up the mess you make. It stops annoying programs from starting up and running. It makes you computer run smoothly without any hiccups. And if a program needs to go, well lets just say Ccleaner takes care of the unpleasantness for you.

As you use Windows, it accumulates a lot of junk files and useless garbage. Unchecked, this junk begins to slow your computer down and you may experience a lag in performance. The lag is so slight to begin with that it’s almost unnoticeable. But over time, the performance of your PC really drops.
Which is why Ccleaner is so useful. If used say once a month or so, it can clean up all the unwanted junk from your machine and speed things up once again.

Ccleaner cleans up unused and unwanted files, excess browser data, Recycle Bin trash, Temporary files, Log files and much more. The Geeks really love this software but its accessible enough for anyone to use. It also has a registry cleaner (use with caution) and is totally spyware and adware free. Ccleaner can be download from this link. Download Ccleaner.

5. CoreTemp :-


My last laptop was a bit like my last relationship. They both lasted for a few months, seemed perfectly happy, then one bright sunny day, they both totally and completely burned out.
At least the laptop warned me…. It had been acting funny for a few days…

But if i had used CoreTemp, i still might have had my laptop.
CoreTemp is a tiny little utility that monitors the temperature of your CPU (Central Processing Unit for the uninformed). Your CPU is basically the little chip that makes all the processing magic happen. And the harder it works the hotter it gets. If it gets too hot for long periods of time there are chances of it burning out and then we say bye-bye to the laptop.

CoreTemp can be configured to monitor the temperate of the CPU and even give a warning or shut the computer down when critical temperature levels arise. If you have a multi-core processor (which i guess most of you do now) it can show you the individual temperature of each of the cores.
It also shows you your computer’s RAM usage.

CoreTemp also has a neat little desktop widget that Windows 7 users can use. It displays your processor’s temperature in graph form in real time. Very useful for those geeky overclockers out there. CoreTemp is free and can be downloaded from this link. Download CoreTemp.

These were my 5 Free Software for Windows that you absolutely have to try.

There are a lot more useful tools out there but these are usually the first ones i install and they’re totally free. No annoying 30-day trial business here. As always feel free to comment and maybe share what your favorite Windows Software are. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Free Windows Software You HAVE to Download

    • Super Copier 2 is also a free copying tool but i prefer TeraCopy for a few reasons.
      1) Its got better support for 64bit operating systems.
      2) It has cleaner, more appealing GUI
      3) Unlike Super Copier 2 it gives you an estimate as to how much longer a transfer operation is going to take.

  1. i haven’t tried using duplicate cleaner but i’m using “Duplicate Files Deleter” tool to scan the whole pc and detect all duplicates. it uses md5 searching which is proven effective and i’ve been using it for awhile.. nonetheless, great list.. thanks for sharing!

    • Duplicate Cleaner has md5 as well and some other comparison methods as well. One of the main reasons i prefer Duplicate Cleaner is that it seems to be very effective at detecting duplicate .mp3 files, which most other software don’t. Try it if you ever wanna sort out your music collection! 🙂

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