Words With Friends Review: A Scrabble App for Android and iOS

There’s a lot of us out there that enjoy a good game of scrabble. Unfortunately most of the free time we get on weekends is spent getting ceremoniously and incoherently drunk. Besides, scrabble isn’t really the best way to pick up chicks….
Which is why i was really pleased to see a full-fledged scrabble app for Android that’s free. Read on to see if you should consider it.

words with friends

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Rooting – What? Why? Really? Is it Worth it??

You’ve finally bit the bullet and bought yourself a droid. You’re really happy with it, and spend a few weeks exploring all the cool new stuff you can do. And then some geeky retard comes up to you and says, “Have you rooted it yet?”. And you punch him. Hard.

root android

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